Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Low Cal verses Chocolate

Was out today at one of my favorite shops. The Bookstore, I did work in one for nine years and can say that it was one of the best places to work. The problem being is my paycheck where always so small, there was alway a book I must have. Today's shopping was for some cookbooks the Low Carb / Low Cal one's. Found a few that I purchased. Now home and browsing through them I likeing what I see. Lots of intresting recieptes. Have a few I am going to try out in the next couple days. I do however have a slight problem with one reciept. Its from the cookbook that is Low Calorie Indian style. I don't know what one of the ingredents is so if I could get some help with this I would thank you. The Ingredient is called Sago ( sabu dana ) The dish is an Apple Kheer and it look delish.
Back to bookstore for one minut I should of bought a dictionary I know but can't say I want to spend my money on one. When there is oh so much more in the store.
Well must go and try out one of my new cookbooks. YUMMY DISHES.
Shhh I am trying also to convince myself that low cal tasted just as good as Chocolate LOL.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Red's delema continued.........

The saga of Red's delema continues, but it is on a positive note. He stood up to his boss and say he would not be paying for the damages caused by the accident. That was what their liabilitiy insurance was for. They called him back after a few day's and said he should start his regular shift tommorw, and that they would not be docking his pay for the damages. Had he not said anything they would have. They have taken advantage of him before and got away with it. He did have an interview, and it waiting for a reply and will stay with this bs company untill he can get something better now. He really liked working for this company and was very loyal to them untill this last bit of hassel. It is amazing what some companise will try to get away with. So he is on the look out for a new job, he have another interview tomorrow again. This is in another field of employment, so he'd like it because its something new and there is lots of growth opertunities.
Had the employer dock his pay ceck. We would have made sure that the labour board was involved. I think that something should be said anyway, but Red told me to hold of and wait untill he got a new job and his last paycheck. Then he might posibly send a letter of complaint. He ask his boss to give him a written confirmation stateing that he did not have to pay anything
incase when he did give his notes they couldn't all of a sudden change their minds. He's not mommy's boy after all but a grown up Ha Ha.

Well back into the swing of things and the every day grind.

May your day's be filled with truly intresting things

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Update on Red delema

The update on Red's Delemma. Info in previous blog He was fired. They figured that he should pay and he figured not so the answer was firer him. My question would be can they do that, is that not unwrongful dissmissal. The good thing is he already has a job interview set up for tommorrow . Totally different line of work. As far as paying the damages I hope they don't take it from his finale check.

Last week when I was in town I renewed my prescription at Shoppers Drug Mart I do it once a month and have been doing it for over a year( the exact amount and brande of pills ). Now heres where the dumb thing happens, they are always half a prescription short. Now I don't mind that you see, but the thing is they make me pay for the whole amount. They suppose that because they are a famous store that it is ok to ask for prepayment. My thing is what would they do if the shoe was ont the other foot presay. I would like this prescription filled completely please but by the way I can't quite pay the whole thing untill tomorrow (some times it takes them up to a week ) . Do you think they would let me get away with that. ODDS Are KNOT

Chow for now its dinner time for the crew ( Me, Ryder(the dog) and Tiger (the cat)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

They do grow up but they never leave your heart

The new year has begun and there is already hassels on the horizon. My son Red (nickname of course and yes he is a red head) anyway just called this morning saying that he may lose his job. Here is the story. He is a security gaurd (been with the same company for 2 years) a couple of days ago while on the job he had an accident with the work vehicle. Hit some ice and slide into a window large very large window at the collage were he was patroleing, the boss figures he should pay the damages out of his wages. I on the other had think that the company has liability inscurance, and should pay. He has told his boss the same thing so they have given him untill tomorrow to deside to pay it or they will fire him. What do you guys think out there in the blogger family. He is a very loyal employee and has work lots of extra fill in time, when they have been caught short handed he's worked lots of double shifts and all holidays for them. He has also worked night for two years so me I think its time for him to say bye bye anyway.

Hey Sarah, I did it I actually put in four hours a day of studing this pass two days Rah for me.

My Granddaughter Little Bitz called as well today. That's a big no no she is only three and her mom was in the shower . They live in another province so I am wondering how much Jerry (my daugthers nickname) phone bill is going to be. I ask Little Bitz if she had money for the call her reply was yes in my wallet. So I told her that when mommy got out of the shower she should give her the money and the cell phone . Little Bitz (you guessed it a nickname also) is quite the little handfull. I would say she is way to smart for her age and already knows how to manipulate as good if not better than me. But you know that grandma's are always a sucker for their grandchildren. Even at this young age this child has some bonding issues. Jerry and Little Bitz started there relationship (bonding ) on very shakey ground by the time Little Bitz was born mommy was having big troubles with daddy and his crystal meth habit. We tried lot to get her to leave ( long story they lived in the usa ). When Little Bitz was 17 months old Jerry came to her sences enought to come home. But we are still now dealing with the trauma for both mom and baby . Counceling is helping both mom and Little Bitz. Jerry call today and said they had a great Christmas and New Year and its been a couple of weeks and no drama. This is a good sign. It is the hardest thing in life to watch your children make wrong choices and there is not a dam thing you can do about it. My question throught it all was Why did she stay , she was not brought up in that kind of life style.
Now you heard the woo's here's the yaaa'ss They are home they are save and they are loved. The bonding and the healing will come with love and care and time.

Well enought of that what's the buzz tell me what's a happening

Monday, January 02, 2006

A coffee break please

Well it is back to the daily grind, I got up shuffled around for awhile then did the deed. Sat down at my desk and did some studying. I do enjoy the courses I am taking I just have a hard timme settling, once I am going I can forget all but the books infrount of me. I have no one to cook or clean or pick up after except me right now, Husband is out of town working for the next six weeks. So It's just me the dog and cat. So you would think that I could acomplish lots, but this is not the case for I am the worlds best procrastinator. I figure that I have lots of time to get things accomplish so I wait until the last minut. Please tell me some of you out there in blog land are the same way. I really hate to stand alone.
Well I believe I should say Good Night or Good Morning what ever the case may be for you's out there. The shocking thing is I must attmit that I have nothing more to say. Husbands all over the world would love to hear their wifes attmit that but, mine will not get a change to read this so I can say it with out regrett.

Have a great day,week, month ...........and so on.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hello to New Friends

This would be a shock to my husband, but I have run out of things to say. No snickering please. The holidays are over and it is time to get back into the routine of things. I must discipline myself to get back into my studies. Taking corruspondance courses ( I know it should be a spelling class ( that's what spell check is for)). I am behind about three weeks and can say without a dout that I will not really get started again untill Monday. Madcapmum please pester me to get that Report written and e-mail. I am going to try to have everything back on line and write my midterms by the end of Feb. So right now I'll say to my new blogging friends Pleace egnore the spelling tragities. Always was the first one to sit down at the spelling bee's. Love the written word but can't spell worth a dam. Enjoy the New Year all of you and all the exciting things that it will bring. This starting of the second stage of my life ( over fifty ) is diffrent and yet the same. I am not sure where, when, or what path I will be taking this next century. Like when I was a kid every days a new one to be discovered. There is only one other person I must concider, before I do anything but he's even older than me and seems to be fine with most of the moves we have made this pasted year. We up and moved to anothe province this year ( Alta to BC ) after 24 years in Grande Prairie, it was time to move to a warmer climate. I love Vernon BC. but sure miss not being able to call up a friend and say lets meet for coffee. I have made a few aquaintances here but its like starting all over. You have to be on your best behavior untill they get to know you and then you can let loose. Those that have known you say for 15/16 years have learned to love you and forgive you for all your short coming and your long one's too.

Here's to the old and new friends alike HAPPY NEW YEAR

Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing day blues

We have slogged and slaved away for the day they have named Christmas. Things are bought and wrapped, baking is done and if your a neat freak the whole house is scrub down for when the extend, blended family arrive at your door. Mine hit here Christmas eve for a nice dinner and some spiked egg nog. Left this morning at nine ( after a hot breakfast ) they have another turkey meal to attend tonight, after driving the six hours home. Had a lovely time visiting and real do wish they could of stayed long, even though I was fast asleep in my lazyboy not an hour after they left. Received lots of splended gifts and even a few odd ones, the best was the first ride on my rebuilt 12oo sportster ( a 1989 Harley Davidson for those who know not about moterbikes ) My husband has been rebuilding my bike for a year and Christmas day was the day for my first ride. I can't ride a standerd bike anymore so it was eitherPMS syndrome ( Parked Motercycle Syndrome ) or adapt the bike for my disability. To my great joy the man made great strides in adapting the bike so now I will be on the road this year ( look out because I must learn to ride all over again ). I had a hack (sidecar ) on my bike so he removed the body of the sidecar add an airride captins chair from a big big western star truck, moved the steering , triple tree and all that jazz over infrount of the chair and know I run the bike from a comfortable seat. This sound diffrent and is more complicated than get up. The big picture is that I can now go for rides with him as we planned , rather than sit and pout when he rides away on his 1993FLHS. So I got my ride back, some books, purfume and lots of other goodies for Christmas and am hoping that others where as blessed as me. Happy Boxing day !! Can anyone tell me why we have boxing day besides of course the greates sales in the store . If your crazy enough to venture out there on this day.